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I have practiced yoga for eight years and studied under several teachers. My main influences have been Bridget Woods Kramer and Angus Ford Robertson. I studied for my 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certificate with Bridget Woods Kramer, Carlos Pomeda and Ananda Leone. Further training has included an Applied Anatomy course and yoga for Pregnancy. I am hugely grateful for all my teachers.

I teach Anusara – inspired hatha yoga with a strong focus on mindfulness, alignment, and working with the breath. Each class has a theme and the different poses or asanas will explore the theme throughout the session; we always start and finish with meditation and breath work. I had back surgery for a prolapsed disc in 2007 and took up yoga as part of my recovery. I therefore have a strong focus on coming into poses correctly, rather than rushing through a transition to the next sequence. Mindfulness influences my teaching, and I use invitational language with each pose and sequence being optional, and students encouraged to develop their awareness of their bodies, minds and emotions. My teaching style is direct and with kindness. More information on Anusara yoga can be found here:

I try to bring the philosophy of yoga to each class, so the focus is not always on the physical. For me, yoga is a way to let go, relax, become aware of yourself –with me it is not just a work out. I believe that yoga is for all, regardless of experience, fitness, flexibility or age. My style is gentle and suitable for those new to yoga, or those recovering from illness or injury.

I recently trained in Yin Yoga with Kirsty Gallagher. Yin yoga is a mindful, slow form of the practice with long holds of up to 2 minutes. The intention of yin yoga is to open connective tissue and joints in a safe, relaxed way. There are no standing poses, and most of the time is spent lying or sitting. Yin brings us into our relaxation mode, away from our stress response, making this a great practice for this hectic time of year. As many of you know, I’m committed to teaching slow yoga and I’m also experienced mindfulness and meditation teacher. Each month I hold a 2 hour Yin and Meditation session at a studio in Tunbridge Wells. These are listed here

Current yoga classes are held at The House on Monson Road, Flow Tunbridge Wells, Pembury Pavilion, Nuffield Health and Pure Gym. You can see my full public timetable here: Current classes and courses

Locally, I enjoy attending classes with Lolly Patenell, Bridget Godwin, Greta Sani and Lucy Parker. In London I go to classes and workshops with my teacher Bridget Woods Kramer at Triyoga.

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Private Yoga Classes
I offer private classes in Tunbridge Wells, and can teach a slower or more dynamic class depending on your requirements, including classes for beginners. This is suitable for individuals and groups on the island staying in private homes or villas. I have mats and equipment, you just need a suitable space such as a large lounge or covered terrace in the warmer months. Please contact me to discuss rates and availability

Corporate Yoga Classes

I offer classes in offices and workplaces in the Tunbridge Wells area for up to 20 members of staff. This gives employees a chance to relax at work and have a space to re-group and de-stress. Corporate clients include Cripps LLP and Yoyo Design. Corporate classes are 60 minutes in length and we can discuss your requirements beforehand. All equipment is provided. The cost is £60 for up to 20 people. An additional session is needed for more than 20 people.



Mindfulness is a proven technique to help increase self-awareness, manage stress and improve wellbeing. It does this by bringing us into the present moment of our felt experience, using the breath and body to explore what is actually going on for us right now. In this way, we are better able to practice turning towards our experiences and ourselves with kindness and curiosity. We can then consider the kinds of actions and steps we can take, if any, which will help with the situations we find ourselves in.

I run 8 week mindfulness courses throughout the year in Tunbridge Wells. In these courses, we learn the core mindfulness meditation practices, as well as practice inquiry into our experiences. There will also be some teaching around the theory and neuroscience behind how mindfulness is believed to work. Each session will comprise two meditation practices, inquiry and discussion. Home practice is a key component of mindfulness, and students will be provided with guided meditations to use at home. There will also be a facilitated Facebook group for students to share experiences during the course.

I also run a drop in Mindfulness class at Flow Tunbridge Wells on Monday lunchtimes, which is open to all.

I trained with the Mindful Academy in Spain and also completed additional meditation training in 2017 with Alexander Filmer Lorch, exploring different techniques and approaches which can be used in a variety of class and 1-2-1 settings.

Mindfulness and meditation can also be taught privately or in a small group at home or at an organisation. I currently run a meditation group for Headway, a brain injury charity in Tunbridge Wells.

Current classes and courses

Corporate mindfulness

I am available to run Mindfulness sessions and courses in the workplace. This can be a one-off taster workshop or a six or eight week course. The main meditation practices and practical theory are covered each week. In addition, I also work with the Kalapa Academy in London to deliver a workplace specific curriculum supported with specialised practical exercises and meditations. This course is supported by pre and post research into participants’ wellbeing and stress levels.

Please contact me if you are interested in bringing mindfulness to your workplace.

“Your personal transformation is what attracted me to a group
that you were leading….what you shared definitely helped to
open up the group and others experiences”


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Awareness. Acceptance. Action

I use traditional counselling skills and coaching techniques, aligned with a mindfulness approach to bring about healing and growth. I employ a combination of psychotherapeutic approaches with the philosophical and spiritual wisdom of yoga and meditation. My approach can be summarised as:

Awareness – together we will develop your awareness skills – of the situation, of yourself, your behaviours, your dreams, your past. Learning to watch yourself, your reactions, emotions, behaviour, thoughts.

Acceptance – we will work together on building your acceptance of where you are, your story, your gifts and limitations. Un-attaching from stories and beliefs which hold you back. Not avoiding the situations or people which make you uncomfortable. This is important for developing self love and self esteem, both essential for growth and healing.

Action – practical exercises to move forward; talking is great – but we don’t come unstuck just by talking. Techniques used could involve mindfulness meditation, journaling, body work and other homework.

Depending on the individual, we may cover all of the above, or only one part. We may spend longer on developing awareness, or working on acceptance. It all depends on what you need.

I work best with those who understand that they need to take an active role in their healing process, and who are invested in our relationship. I provide a bespoke service, which can be limited to weekly hour-long sessions, or a more specialised service with homework, daily emails and assignments. Whichever approach we agree to take, you will have my support throughout the process. An initial conversation is recommended to understand your needs.

This approach might be useful to you, if you are experiencing or have experienced the following:

  • Feeling stuck with any aspect of your life, for example in a career or relationship; or unable to set and achieve goals
  • Feelings of powerlessness in your life; wanting to gain more personal power
  • Experience of emotional upheaval or trauma
  • Experience of depression and anxiety
  • Wanting to gain greater understanding and acceptance of yourself and your story
  • Wanting to gain greater awareness of your blockers, and what prevents you from moving forward
  • Understanding how our past experiences influence our lives today – and help in letting go of the past
  • Experiencing life changes, understanding what you can learn from these, support as you move through them
  • Investigating more about your purpose and direction in life


How can meditation and mindfulness help me?
Meditation and other mindfulness practices are important in several ways. Firstly, they can help with anxiety, depression and stress by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, (as opposed to the adrenaline releasing sympathetic system). More parasympathetic activity means less stress and therefore better health. Numerous scientific studies have shown the benefits of this. Secondly, mindfulness improves our awareness – of our thoughts, emotions, reactions. Being able to become an impartial observer of yourself is key in developing self-understanding, whether you are identifying blockers, or your values, or figuring out the impact of previous experiences on your beliefs and behaviours today. Meditation also helps with improved cognition and concentration, better sleep patterns and relaxation.

Are the sessions confidential?
Yes. All information between client and coach is completely confidential. With informed consent, I will make written notes of the sessions. These are used only to further the coaching and healing approach. Notes are always kept secure and confidential. Professional and legal requirements determine how long notes must be kept. After that they are destroyed. Complete confidentiality is essential to successful therapy. If I believe that you are in danger or harming yourself or others, I have a duty of care to inform the local health authorities.

Where are the sessions held?
Sessions are held in person in either your home or a mutually agreed venue. Sessions are also available on Skype.

What if I am seriously depressed or anxious, or have other serious psychological issues?
After our initial conversation(s), we will decide if we can work together or not. As I am not a clinical psychologist, we may decide my approach is not appropriate for you and I will recommend another coach or therapist who may be better suited.

Please note that meditation and mindfulness based practices are not always suited for severe psychiatric disorders

How much does it cost?
Sessions are £75 per hour or you can book 6 for £400 to be used within a 6 month period.

Any more questions?
Contact me here


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I am available to speak at local groups and workplaces about the power of mindfulness and yoga; also on my story and break from corporate life, and the ups and downs of setting up to work for myself.

In the past I have spoken at Escape the City in London on ‘How Power is Important for your Escape’; at a career change micro festival on ‘How to Escape Mindfully’. I have also presented at The Kent Collective in Ashford, on the role of yoga and mindfulness in mental health.


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