Wake Up and Wind Down on Sunday Mornings!

From May to August, I will be offering a monthly Sunday morning session at Flow Tunbridge Wells.

This will be a delicious two hour practice to wake up the body, wind down the nervous system and prepare you to float through your Sunday.

We’ll have 20-30 minutes of non traditional mindful movement to wake up the body after sleep. Then an hour of yin poses to open tissues and calm the nervous system. Finishing off with 20 minutes of yoga nidra.

Mindful Movement – basically non traditional yoga type movements, going back to original organic movement patterns. Gently allows the body to wake up and find it’s own rhythm.
Yin Yoga – long held (3-5 mins) floor based poses designed to apply a gentle stress on tissues including muscles, ligaments and bones. Learn to play with your edge in a mild way.
Yoga nidra – guided mediation to bring you into relaxed awakeness

Suitable for all except those in pregnancy (simply due to the rolling around on the floor and the impact of yin poses on ligaments during pregnancy)

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