• Yoga, Mindfulness and Mental Health @ The Kent Collective

    I’m delighted to be speaking about how yoga and mindfulness can help us manage our mental health later this month. The event is run by The Kent Collective, which is a free monthly event featuring inspiring talks that will provide a meaningful way for the professional people of Kent to meet like-minded people and engage around […]

  • Mindfulness and Depression

    I get reasonably regular depressive episodes, and I have one now. Mindfulness helps me through a practice of being with this unpleasant experience, softening towards it, and noticing any tendency in me to want to ‘fix’ it or make it go away. I’ve noticed that when I stop my resistance to the depression, and soften […]

  • Dealing with Anxious Thoughts

    We all have an inbuilt Negativity Bias, which means we are more likely to notice negative things over the good. For some people, this is very strong, and for others less so. As someone who suffers from depression, my Negativity Bias is often ruling my life. I notice bad things, I have lots of Negative […]

  • 5 Ways to Build Resilience

    The emotional soup that follows a stressful event can whip up negative stories about yourself or others that goes on and on, beyond being useful. Mindfulness reduces this rumination and, if practiced regularly, changes your brain so that you’re more resilient to future stressful events In mindfulness, we do this by practisting gently turning towards […]

  • How to Have a Home Practice

    I’ve just started a Mindfulness group where home practice is a key component. In addition, I get asked at least once a week about tips on practicing yoga and meditation at home from students. As we move into winter, having a home practice becomes even more essential to help balance out our moods as the […]

  • Choice

    Mindfulness is all about giving ourselves a choice. A choice between reacting in old habitual and learned ways – or responding differently. It’s not that automatic responses are ‘bad’; often they are designed to keep us out of trouble, or to save energy (just think what walking would be like if you had to think […]

  • Kindness

    One of key attitudes we are invited to bring to our yoga and mindfulness practices is that of kindness. Kindness, often used synonymously with compassion, refers to the wish that a being not suffer, combined with sympathetic concern. Self compassion, or kindness towards ourselves, is applying that wish towards ourselves. When was the last time […]

  • Learn to Like Yourself

    Of course, kindness towards ourselves is a lot easier if we actually like ourselves, and think we are worthy of compassion. Are you able to look at your face (without make up!), smile, and truly be OK with what you see? Not want to whiten your teeth, or straighten your nose, or get rid of […]

  • What we Resist, Persists!

    Yoga offers us a wonderful way to explore our relationship with resistance. As we come into challenging poses, or ease ourselves into deep stretches, we are given space to observe our reactions and how we respond. Clenching the jaw, laboured breathing, avoiding the more difficult plank pose, or forcing ourselves into places our body doesn’t […]

  • When we don’t feel OK – it’s OK

    A big thing in mindfulness and yoga is understanding that it’s OK not to feel OK. We are not going to feel great all the time. There are a lot of messages out there about happiness and positivity, and sometimes it seems as though this is something we should be feeling, or that it is […]

  • “I wish I hadn’t spent so much of my life worrying”

    People over 65 shared their greatest regret in life… “I wish I hadn’t spent so much of my life worrying” Worrying is a key part of our resistance to the flow of life. We worry when we want to avoid painful or unpleasant experiences – including very often IMAGINED painful experiences that haven’t even happened. […]

  • Honour yourself with silence

    How comfortable are you with silence? Do you find you always need background noise? TV or music on, even if you’re not actually watching or really listening? Background noise and the inability to deal with silence is an important indicator that we are not comfortable. We use these things as a distraction, to keep what […]