• Desire and Fulfillment

    I’ve been reading Rod Stryker’s “The Four Desires” recently: about what ancient yogic texts teach us about desire, intention and fulfillment. We are all used to one kind of fulfillment, that of satisfaction of attainment, goal completion, achievement. Especially when we’ve desired it for a long time. As Stryker says, “the pull to find happiness […]

  • The Three Brains

    In my meditation teacher training course with Alexander Filmer-Lorch at Flow Tunbridge Wells, we’ve been looking at how we have more than one brain. We all know our head brain, the seat of the mind and the intellect – but we also have two more. One is in the heart, and is the home of […]

  • NEW: Online Mindfulness Course

    Whenever I hold a new mindfulness course in Tunbridge Wells, I get a lot of questions asking about an online version. So here it is! This is an online programme that will run  for 4 weeks, from 5th – 30th June. It is facilitated by me, which means you don’t just download materials and plod […]

  • Drishti – the yogic gaze

    Drishti: Where our eyes are directed, our attention follows Drishti refers to the yogic gaze, or gaze point for each asana. It was popularised through the school of yoga called Ashtanga, taught for more than 60 years by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. On a simple level, drishti uses a specific gazing direction for the eyes […]

  • Staying in your own business

    There is my business, your business and God’s business. Byron Katie argues that much of our stress comes from mentally living out of our own business. When I think, “You need to get a job, I want you to be happy, you should be on time, you need to take better care of yourself,” I […]

  • Power

    I started class with the story of David Chetlahe Paladin, a Native American who served as an Allied spy in WW2. He was captured and tortured by the Nazis, including having his feet nailed to the floor and then being forced to stand like that for hours. When he was rescued, he was barely alive, […]

  • April Newsletter

    Welcome to April’s Newsletter. What’s new this month? Monday Mindfulness – Who would you be without your story? Yoga at The House on Monson Road Pembury yoga classes are on all through the Easter holidays! During March we’ve been exploring lots of spring themes such as opening, renewal, growth and curiosity. Many of these topics […]

  • Monday Mindfulness: Who Would You Be Without Your Story?

      From  24th April for the next 10 sessions, we’ll be using The Work by Byron Katie to guide our mindful inquiry and meditations. The Work is based on her global best seller “Loving What Is”. Byron Katie spent many years suffering from depression until one day a sudden insight caused her to question everything […]

  • Wide Open Hearts

    Last week was pretty terrible for me on a personal level for many reasons, including one big one. But in going through this darkness, I have been allowed to set an intention to move towards an opportunity, to go and grab something even if it might turn out to be out of reach. To speak […]

  • The Human Mountain

    It’s skiing holiday time so lots of pictures of mountains about. I am not skiing, hence no cool photos. But I did decide what better time to examine Mountain Pose – Tadasana. Tadasana is the base from which other poses emerge. Most of the standing poses are movements of certain body parts away from Tadasana, […]

  • Curiosity

    How does yoga help us become more curious about who we are? We start by becoming more aware of our bodies. How they feel, how they move, how they respond. This awareness is very different to the kind of domination with which most of us treat our bodies: forcing it to sit for long periods, […]

  • Jump

    With a new moon in Pisces encouraging us to shed our fears and follow our dreams, this week we’ll be exploring our limits. Using our work on courage, we’ll be building strength, opening our bodies and seeing what’s possible. Expect a strong, energetic class with flowing sequences and the usual long holds. We’ll always start […]