• Wide Open Hearts

    Last week was pretty terrible for me on a personal level for many reasons, including one big one. But in going through this darkness, I have been allowed to set an intention to move towards an opportunity, to go and grab something even if it might turn out to be out of reach. To speak […]

  • The Human Mountain

    It’s skiing holiday time so lots of pictures of mountains about. I am not skiing, hence no cool photos. But I did decide what better time to examine Mountain Pose – Tadasana. Tadasana is the base from which other poses emerge. Most of the standing poses are movements of certain body parts away from Tadasana, […]

  • Curiosity

    How does yoga help us become more curious about who we are? We start by becoming more aware of our bodies. How they feel, how they move, how they respond. This awareness is very different to the kind of domination with which most of us treat our bodies: forcing it to sit for long periods, […]

  • Jump

    With a new moon in Pisces encouraging us to shed our fears and follow our dreams, this week we’ll be exploring our limits. Using our work on courage, we’ll be building strength, opening our bodies and seeing what’s possible. Expect a strong, energetic class with flowing sequences and the usual long holds. We’ll always start […]

  • The Psoas: Body Mind Connection

    This week, we’ll be looking at one of the most important muscle systems or connections in the body, one that is implicated in our overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Two muscles, the psoas major and the illacus, together make up what is known as the illiopsoas complex or simply, the psoas. Growing out of […]

  • February Newsletter

    Hi everyone! Slowly we are moving into spring, with snowdrops starting to show, the birds are finding their voices and it’s staying light at 5pm . As we start to awaken from our winter darkness, we start to become more energised, wanting to be outside more, move more and our appetites change. Just paying attention […]

  • Courage

    Courage From the Latin word meaning ‘heart’ What does it mean to do something with your whole heart, courageously? Usually we think this means we are not afraid, but actually courage is acting even if we feel fear. To do what is possible in the face of fear. How is this possible? To be truly […]

  • Twisting

    You are unlikely to go to a yoga class and not encounter a twist of some kind – from the wonderful restorative, to the challenging ardha chandrasana, Why is this? Twisting in yoga helps in a variety of physical ways, for example increasing blood flow to the digestive organs, thus impriving their ability to function. […]

  • The Light of Awareness

    This past weekend has brought up many, many uncomfortable things into our awareness. The behaviour of politicians, the beliefs and opinions of others, it can seem as if we are descending into the darkness. Maybe, however, the darkness was always there and what our current situation is doing is shining more and more light on […]

  • Abhyasa: Steady effort in the direction you want to go

    Everytime new year rolls around, we get all obsessed about resolutions and #goals. Usually, we go all out for a few weeks, then give up, exhausted and demoralised. At the heart of our #yoga and #mindfulness practice is abhyasa – steady effort in the direction you want to go. So let’s take a look at […]

  • Angus Ford Robertson on Wellness

    Angus Ford Robertson was my first and probably most influential teacher to date. From yoga, to retreats, to meditation, to personal therapy, Angus was integral to my personal journey and how I changed my life from unhappy banker to much more fulfilled yoga and mindfulness teacher. One of his top tips for personal wellness in […]

  • Being a Warrior

    What does it mean to be a warrior? There are many references to fighting in the philosophy and mythology of yoga. Probably, the most well known poses are those of the Warrior I, II and III – in Sanskrit Virabhadrasana I, II and III. These poses represent the story of Virabhadra, a fierce warrior who was […]