• Easter Newsletter

    Easter News The sun has come out and it has finally warmed up leading to dreams of the seaside and garden! Spring is usually a time of renewal and increased energy, when we have more impetus to get things done, whether that is a spring clean, gardening, a new project or upping our practice. As […]

  • Find out who you are – and do it on purpose

    “Find out who you are – and do it on purpose” Dolly Parton Part of the homework for the advanced level teacher training I am doing this year involves reading, meditating upon and writing about Stephen Cope’s book “The Great Work of your Life”. This is based on the seminal ancient Indian yogic text “The […]

  • March 2019 Newsletter

    March Newsletter I always feel as though I am waking up from a long slumber at this time of year. A bit drowsy and fuggy headed, but knowing that more is yet to come. It is good that I’m feeling more awake as I have a lot on! Not only with the 8 Week Mindfulness […]

  • The Elephant in the Room: Yoga and Money

    Back in the old days in India, you didn’t pay for a yoga class. In fact, you wouldn’t even have a class: the traditions of yoga were taught one-to-one with your (very likely male) teacher, and the community would support the teacher by providing food and accommodation. Much has changed obviously in our modern, Western, […]

  • Christmas / New Year 2018-19

    Last classes in December 2018 (classes subject to cancellation if not enough bums on mats!) Weekend Wind Down @ Flow TW: Saturday 15 December 4pm Awareness Course @ Flow TW: Monday 10 December 1230 Pembury Lunchtimes: 14 December Nuffield Health: Monday 17 December 7.35pm Monson Road: 19 December 5.30pm Yin Yoga: 19 December 7.30pm Pure […]

  • 2019 Pricing

    Applicable from 1 January 2019 First Class Intro Offer: £10 Drop Ins: £13 5 Class Pass: £55 (valid 3 months from purchase) 10 Class Pass £100 (valid 6 months from purchase) Passes can be applied to all of my classes at The Yoga House, Pembury and Monson Road. Underground Gym classes are £8 for a […]

  • Energy Leaks

    Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at the idea of Energy Leaks. In the yoga system our practices (asana, pranayama, meditation) are designed to bring energy (prana) into the body: for vitality and for spiritual awakening. But this is all a bit of a waste of time if we then leak that energy […]

  • Sankalpa Yoga Day Retreat

    *** ONLY 3 SPACES LEFT *** A full day of yoga, meditation and mindfulness at the beautiful Swallows Oast near Ticehurst We’ll be looking at the idea of SANKALPA or intention to take with us into the new year. The day will include an overview of the yoga philosophy behind sankalpa and how it can […]

  • Awareness: An 8 Week Course

    This 8 week course will look at ways in which to cultivate our awareness: of self, of others, of our relationships and with the world around us. We will be using guidance from modern mindfulness, classical yoga, universal teachings and Tantrik meditations to inform our exploration. Through a process of becoming embodied and noticing what arises […]

  • Mindful Parenting Workshop: 2 March

    In this workshop a parent and non parent will share and explore how to apply the main concepts of modern mindfulness to common parenting issues. So, why am I, as a non parent getting involved in a workshop about parenting? Quite simply: because it is the number one issue that comes up each time I […]

  • Summer Class Schedule

    Over the summer, classes may be suspended during these quieter months, and also when I am on holiday. Please keep checking the online booking system and Facebook events for details. Holidays There are NO classes week commencing 6 August There will be SOME classes week commencing 15 September. Please check nearer the time Nuffield and […]

  • What brings you to yoga?

    January 2009. I remember having seen the sign on Northcote Road several times before it actually registered. On my way one Saturday to have lunch with my friend Liz, finally something clicked and without any logical or obvious reason, I decided I wanted to do the advertised Beginners Yoga Course. Over lunch, Liz shared my […]