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  • Yoga is More than Sparkly Pants

    This week we’re remembering that yoga is about coming back to ourselves, inner transformation, and self realisation. No new pairs of expensive leggings, or green juices, or detox retreats, or scented candles or ‘being nice to ourselves’ will replace the work that really has to be done – on the inside. These are all lovely […]

  • Safe and Secure

    It’s an evolutionary instinct to feel safe. In fact, staying close to our mothers and our tribes is one of the reasons why we’ve survived so long. You can see this instinct in our children – how they stay near mum and dad so they feel safe before venturing out to make new friends and […]

  • Monday Mindfulness: Awareness

    Monday Mindfulness returns for 2018 with a corker of a book! Mindful Bookclub incorporates meditation, self inquiry, discussion and other exercises based on themes around personal and spiritual development. We explore ideas around waking up, balance, stress relief, purpose, being human, mindfulness, connection, finding your true self and many, many more. We use a book […]

  • NEW Online Booking System

    All classes at Pembury, Monson Road and The Yoga House must now be booked via the new online system which can be found here. Some workshops will also be bookable through this site. You can buy one, 5 or 10 classes and these can be used at any of the classes You can book in […]

  • Price and Class Changes for 2018

    In order for more flexibility and clarity over classes and prices, the following changes will take effect from 1 January 2018. This will affect classes at Monson Road, Pembury and The Yoga House. Pricing One Class: £12 5 Class Pass: £50 (valid 3 months from day of purchase) 10 Class Pass £95 (valid 6 months […]

  • Weekend Wind Down: Monthly Yin Yoga and Meditation

    Come and wind down your weekend with 2 hours of candlelit yin yoga and guided meditation. Yin yoga is a mindful, slow form of the practice with long holds of up to 2 minutes. The intention of yin yoga is to open connective tissue and joints in a safe, relaxed way. There are no standing […]

  • Injured

    Last week we were exploring feeling in the body from the calm relaxed space of the Para Sympathetic Nervous system. Apart from the obvious benefits of feeling relaxed, plus the physiological and psychological importance of spending time out of our stress response, being in this space prevents injury. I know ALL about injuries. In October […]

  • Body

    This week and probably next we’re looking at aspects of the body. Don’t we do that every week? Well, yes and no. Although in the West, yoga is primarily a physical practice, we are often completely disconnected from our bodies – even when practicing. I’ve mentioned before how many of us (including me!) live our […]

  • Saturday Classes at The Yoga House

    Saturday Class at The Yoga House I am so excited to launch my class at The Yoga House, a purpose built studio just off Warwick Park. This class will be a hatha flow style class suitable for all. Expect some breathwork, meditation, gentle warm up, the slow flow sequences and some holding poses. Beginners and […]

  • Mindful Communication Workshop: 14 October

    I spent over 15 years managing global projects in insurance, consulting and investment banking, before retraining in yoga and mindfulness. I hope to bring my extensive corporate communications background plus mindfulness teaching together in a way that brings Mindful Communications alive for everyday use. In this workshop we’ll be looking at how to take mindfulness off […]