• How to Have a Home Practice

    I’ve just started a Mindfulness group where home practice is a key component. In addition, I get asked at least once a week about tips on practicing yoga and meditation at home from students. As we move into winter, having a home practice becomes even more essential to help balance out our moods as the […]

  • What we Resist, Persists!

    Yoga offers us a wonderful way to explore our relationship with resistance. As we come into challenging poses, or ease ourselves into deep stretches, we are given space to observe our reactions and how we respond. Clenching the jaw, laboured breathing, avoiding the more difficult plank pose, or forcing ourselves into places our body doesn’t […]

  • September Newsletter

    Welcome to this month’s newsletter! View this email in your browser Hi everyone Autumn is starting to arrive with colder temperatures – although we have had some sunny skies to enjoy. Often when the seasons change, especially as it gets colder, we can feel a lingering sense of melancholy, or starting to feel tired and […]

  • NEW: 8 Week Mindfulness Course

    I’m very pleased to announce that I am partnering with Flow Tunbridge Wells this autumn to hold an 8 week mindfulness course. The course will be held every Monday 1230-1400 from 10 October until 5 December, with a break at half term. Mindfulness is a proven technique to help increase self-awareness, manage stress and improve […]

  • August Newsletter

    I’m back after a 10 day mindfulness teacher training retreat in Spain – and a couple of days in Ibiza too. I learned so much on my course and I’m really looking forward to implementing some key ideas in my yoga classes, as well as starting a local mindfulness group in Tunbridge Wells in the […]

  • 5 Ways Mindfulness Can Change Your Life

    We’ve all heard about mindfulness, right? It’s become one of those buzzwords and hashtags that gets thrown around out there. Google are doing it. So are Goldman Sachs. It’s even in our schools. But does it work? Is all the hype worth it? Isn’t it just some Buddhist mumbo jumbo that helps you relax? Modern […]

  • NEW: 6 Week Yoga and Mind Coaching Course

    Do you want to change something in your life? I’m pleased to launch a new coaching programme this month. This six week programme is for those who want to change something in their lives, even if you don’t know what it is. Maybe you’re feeling like something isn’t right, or isn’t working for you anymore, and […]

  • Is Yoga Just Another Distraction?

    In my newsfeed over the past few months, I’ve seen the following: yoga for runners, broga, yoga in a bar with drinks afterwards, yoga at the top of a skyscraper, Voga, plus all the usual ‘core vinyasa’ and hot yoga classes. Yoga in the west has become very outward focused: what you look like doing […]

  • Desk to Mat: Staff Yoga in Your Office

    Would you be interested in offering your staff yoga in their place of work? As an ex management consultant and project manager in banking, I know all about having a full-on, busy, working life. But according to the Health and Safety Executive, organisations lost on average 9.9 million work days to stress, anxiety and depression […]

  • Current Yoga and Mindfulness Classes

    Mondays 7.35pm, Nuffield Health, Tunbridge Wells (members only) Tuesdays 12.30pm and 8pm – Pure Gym, Tunbridge Wells Thursdays 7.30am Pure Gym Tunbridge Wells (£5 members, £13 non members) 7pm – Pembury Park Pavillion, Recreation Ground, Lower Green Road, Pembury (£12 drop in / £50 for                     […]